Aehra Unveils Sedan EV: A Closer Look at the Italian Startup’s Latest Electric Vehicle

Aehra Sedan EV

Aehra, the Italian startup in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, has recently introduced its Sedan EV model, complementing the previously unveiled Aehra SUV. Although Aehra currently lacks a manufacturing facility, the company’s executives are optimistic that the initial release of these two models will generate significant interest, paving the way for a production volume of up to 50,000 vehicles annually by the end of the 2020s. Let’s delve deeper into this brand-new sedan from the unique Italian EV manufacturer.

Performance and Practicality Combined

Aehra Sedan EV

According to Hazim Nada, Aehra’s CEO, both the Sedan EV and SUV EV are set to enter production in 2026. These vehicles aim to strike a balance between performance and practicality, boasting an impressive top speed of 164 mph and an estimated range exceeding 490 miles on a single charge.

Cutting-Edge Battery Technology

Aehra Sedan EV

Aehra has recently finalized an agreement with Miba Battery Systems, an Austrian company, to procure 120-kWh NMC (nickel-manganese-cobalt) batteries. This partnership ensures the Sedan EV and SUV EV will benefit from advanced battery technology, contributing to their impressive performance and extended range.

Aesthetics and Design

Aehra Sedan EV

Filippo Perini, the Head of Design at Aehra, emphasizes the Sedan EV’s embodiment of classic Italian design principles and the beauty of nature. Drawing upon advanced global engineering techniques and utilizing innovative recyclable carbon fiber composite material, the Aehra Sedan offers a truly unique all-electric driving experience, distinguishing it from other vehicles on the road.

Global Market Availability

Aehra Sedan EV

The production timeline for both the SUV and Sedan EVs is scheduled to commence by 2026, with plans to make them available in key markets such as North America, Europe, China, and the Gulf States. Preorders for these vehicles are expected to open in late 2024, enabling interested buyers to secure their place in the queue.

Industry Expertise

Aehra has assembled a team of industry experts to lead their endeavors. Filippo Perini, the Chief Design Officer, joined the company after his tenure at Lamborghini, infusing Aehra’s vehicles with his extensive experience in automotive design. Franco Cimatti, the Chief Engineer, brings his expertise from Ferrari, ensuring the vehicles’ performance lives up to the brand’s expectations.

Manufacturing Considerations

The production location for the Aehra SUV and Sedan EVs has not been finalized. Aehra is exploring options such as collaborating with an established European contract manufacturer like Magna Steyr, following the model of Apple’s partnership with Foxconn for iPhone production. Alternatively, Aehra may consider establishing its own manufacturing facility, either through construction or acquisition, if suitable incentives are available. A final decision is expected by the end of the year, as confirmed by the CEO.

Anticipated Price Range

Aehra Sedan EV

The Aehra Sedan EV and SUV EV are expected to fall within the price range of $160,000 to $180,000. All-wheel drive variants will likely be offered for both models. While the inclusion of the distinctive rear doors in the final production version remains uncertain, company executives assure potential customers that the showcased features accurately represent what they can expect from these remarkable electric vehicles.

In Conclusion

Aehra’s entry into the electric vehicle market with its Sedan EV signifies a significant step for the Italian startup. With its focus on performance, practicality, and distinctive design, Aehra aims to capture the attention of electric vehicle enthusiasts worldwide. The collaboration with Miba Battery Systems and the expertise brought in from renowned automotive brands underscore Aehra’s commitment to delivering a top-tier electric driving experience. As production plans take shape and market availability approaches, consumers eagerly anticipate the opportunity to own an Aehra EV and be part of the future of sustainable mobility.


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