Is a New Lexus RC Coupe Coming Within the Next Five Years?

In the world of luxury coupes, the Lexus RC has made quite an impression. However, enthusiasts and fans of the brand are eagerly awaiting news about the next generation of this iconic vehicle. Speculation and clues suggest that a new Lexus RC coupe may indeed be on the horizon. Let’s explore the signs that point to a positive answer and delve into what we know so far.

The Toyota GR GT3 Concept: A Glimpse into the Future

Lexus RC

In 2022, car enthusiasts were treated to the grand debut of the Toyota GR GT3 concept at the prestigious Tokyo Auto Salon. Initially, many believed it to be a strategic move to showcase the capabilities of Toyota’s GR performance line, which includes popular models like the GR86, GR Supra, and GR Corolla. However, it turns out that the concept was a preview of the company’s upcoming production sports car.

Shortly after its appearance at the Tokyo Auto Salon, patent drawings of the GR GT3 surfaced on the European Union Intellectual Property Office website. Cooper Erickson, the Group Vice President of Product Planning and Strategy at Toyota of America, confirmed that the GR GT3 was indeed being developed for production. This revelation raises several intriguing questions: Will it carry the Lexus badge? When can we expect its release? And what kind of powertrain will it feature? Let’s delve into what we currently know.

Lexus Badge: The Likely Choice

According to a report by, it is highly likely that the production version of the GR GT3 will bear the prestigious Lexus badge. Toyota WEC Team Director Rob Leupen, when asked about the rumors of a Lexus-branded production car, responded, “At the moment, it seems to be [a Lexus]. It depends on how it develops within Toyota, but at the moment, yes.”

Based on this statement, we can reasonably assume that the new production car might serve as the successor to the Lexus RC coupe. As the current RC model has been around for some time, it’s not surprising that its next-generation counterpart is already in development.

A Glimpse into the Future Timeline

During the same conversation with Rob Leupen, he inadvertently revealed a potential timeline for the next-generation Lexus RC. Confirming that the race car version is set to compete in 2026, he stated, “The date [2026] is in alignment with the road car side, which is following the philosophy of Toyota to have a motorsport-bred car on the road.”

If the plan is to have the successor to the Lexus RC available by 2026, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect more details about the road car to emerge within the next year and a half. As automotive enthusiasts, we eagerly await updates from events like the Tokyo Motor Show and Tokyo Auto Salon.

Embracing Electrification: The Possibility of a Hybrid Powertrain

While we don’t have official confirmation from the automaker, there are strong indications that the next-generation Lexus RC coupe might feature a hybrid powertrain. Cooper Ericksen, the Group Vice President of Product Planning and Strategy at Toyota, has discussed the possibility of electrification in the GR line.

He stated, “Electrification coming to GR is something we’re talking about. In the long term, what is the best way to deliver what GR is and what does electrification have to do with that? The key is fun to drive, lightweight, track performance, so if we can deliver that with an EV, we might look into that.”

Although the GR line falls under the Toyota brand, it doesn’t exclude the possibility of Lexus performance vehicles following a similar path. While it’s not guaranteed that the next Lexus RC will be a hybrid, it wouldn’t be surprising if it is.

Lightweight Performance: Shedding Pounds for Agility

The current Lexus RC coupe, especially the RC F and its track editions, tends to be on the heavier side compared to its competitors. However, with the next generation, we anticipate a focus on shedding weight and enhancing performance.

While the final weight remains uncertain, we expect Lexus to employ extensive use of lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber. These choices will likely contribute to a more agile and spirited driving experience. If the new Lexus RC can achieve a weight of 3,500 pounds or less, it would undoubtedly impress driving enthusiasts.

Design Direction: A Blend of Inspiration and Practicality

The design of the GR GT3 concept has garnered significant attention and admiration. With its low stance and elongated hood, it pays homage to the timeless sports car designs of the past. However, it’s important to remember that the concept is a race car, allowing designers more freedom compared to road-going models bound by safety regulations.

While the final production version may not mirror the concept entirely, we believe that the essence of Lexus’ design language will continue in the RC successor. It’s likely that certain styling cues from the concept, such as wide fenders, will make their way into the road car. Fans of the brand can expect a captivating blend of elegance, aggression, and aerodynamic efficiency.

Price Expectations: Rising to New Heights

The current Lexus RC F starts at $68,695 before factoring in additional options. Considering the potential inclusion of a hybrid powertrain, lightweight components, and prevailing economic conditions, it’s reasonable to anticipate a notable increase in the next-generation model’s price. A starting MSRP between $75,000 and $80,000 seems plausible. However, if Lexus manages to offer the new RC at a lower price point, it would certainly be a remarkable achievement.


As we eagerly await the arrival of the next-generation Lexus RC coupe, the signs suggest that a new model is indeed in the works. With potential features like a Lexus badge, a hybrid powertrain, lightweight construction, and captivating design elements, the future looks promising for this luxury sports coupe. While we anticipate the new RC to inherit the spirit of its predecessor, we’re excited to witness the evolution and enhancements that will make it a true standout in its class.