Tesla is giving away 3 years of free supercharging to boost sales

Tesla, the renowned electric vehicle (EV) company led by Elon Musk, is once again employing a strategic approach to enhance sales before the end of the second quarter. By offering enticing discounts, Tesla aims to attract customers and has consequently reduced the prices of the Model X and Model S by $8,000. Moreover, customers who make a purchase before June 30 will enjoy the added benefit of three years of complimentary supercharging.

Tesla free supercharging

Adjusted Prices and Offers

Tesla’s official website reveals that these recent adjustments enable customers to acquire a 2023 Tesla Model S for approximately $83,000, while the Model X is now available for around $93,000.

Continued Efforts Amid Competition

In an ongoing effort to compete with well-established brands like Ford and GM, Elon Musk has implemented multiple price reductions throughout the year. Previously, Tesla had increased the prices of its most expensive vehicles in 2022, but Musk subsequently lowered them on two separate occasions. By the end of last year, the base version of the Model S was priced at $104,990, with the Plaid version listed at $135,990. As a result, the Model X and Model S received discounts of $10,000 and $5,000, respectively.

Strengthening Tesla’s Position

Initially, these price adjustments were aimed at securing Tesla’s position as the leading EV manufacturer in the United States. However, they have also made Tesla’s vehicles more competitively priced compared to other automakers. In fact, the cost of a Tesla Model Y is now lower than the average price of a conventional car.

Timely Reductions for Inventory Turnover

According to speculation from Electrek, these latest price reductions were implemented to expedite inventory turnover before the quarter ends. This strategy aligns with Tesla’s previous approach, where North American locations were allowed to sell display models and provide test drives in the final stages of December last year.

Positive Investor Response

Investors have responded positively to these measures, leading to a significant increase in Tesla’s stock price, which has more than doubled this year.

By offering attractive discounts and incentives, Tesla is striving to solidify its position in the EV market while competing against established automotive giants. These recent price adjustments not only make Tesla’s vehicles more accessible to customers but also contribute to the company’s ongoing success. As the second quarter draws to a close, Tesla’s strategic approach aims to maximize sales and maintain its leadership in the electric vehicle industry.